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                          OPEN TRIAL DRUMCONRATH 28.01.23

                                                 JUDGDE                                                MR P MCAULEY  MR R DORAN CHAIRMAN MR G DEVLIN

325897165_1290030391561392_3069400164899762857_n - Copy.jpg
325981666_752158352970932_8419066189881586664_n - Copy.jpg
326055187_745040940065427_3354500023387776902_n - Copy.jpg

1st Excellent Calder's Ballerina for Mr S o Carolan,

2nd Excellent Catherine Lily white for Mr P Begley

3rd v.good Squire Astor for Mr S McManus

4th V.good Offaly Grouse for Mr D Moloney. 

Well done to Mrs P Rochford with her GSP Felix de villa carla on her qualification.

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