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Rules of Entry.  

  1. Before completing this entry form, please read the event schedule carefully and ensure that you comply with all the conditions contained therein. 


  3. Postal entry writing must be in ink or indelible pencil or emailed. 

  4. This form is only to be used by one person or partnership.

  5. Use ONE SECTION ONLY for each dog. 

  6. Please list entries on order of preference.

  7. The name of the dog and all details as recorded with the Irish Kennel Club must be given on this form. 

  8. All dogs must be registered with the Irish Kennel Club, and if a Transfer of Ownership has taken place, this also must be registered. 

  9. Application for Registration of Transfer must be made to the Irish Kennel Club before the date of the trial. 

  10. On no account will entries be accepted without fees, which must be prepaid. 

  11. A puppy less than 9 calendar months of age cannot compete. 

  12. Entries made with conditions will not be accepted. 

  13. If acknowledgement of receipt of entry is required, a stamp addressed envelop must be enclosed with the entry. 

  14. The Qualification section must be completed; otherwise it will be assumed that that the dog has no qualifications. 

  15. The owner MUST sign declaration, Undertaking and Agreement.

Two Steps Required:

  1. Fill in the Online Entry Form and "Send"

  2. Pay entry fee via the "Pay Now" link

Or click HERE for a downloadable entry form

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